How to transfer bank mandarin code and other banks

Working to facilitate the interbank transaction process ,  all banks in Indonesia have some different codes .    This  includes the Mandari  Bank code , which is often used by customers  for transactions .   So  when you move to another bank account , use only  code  .

In addition to ATMS  , this  code is also required when trading through M-banking or SMS banking .    Where  yes generally  includes 3 lift numbers , you do not enter the bank mandarin either .   In addition to informing  the code , we will  also provide a review of transfers from Barry , BCA , and THE BIA to Mandiri  .

Here is the bank ‘s mandarin code , when interbank transactions are necessary

Like others ,  both codes in mandarin banks are made up of 3 lifts  .  Code   008   itself is in Mandari .  So  when  k amu is  transferred from another bank  ,  it is necessary to add 3 digital numbers at the beginning of the local account  .

Sometimes questions arise , then  what will happen if you do not add the Mandari Bank code  .  If this  happens , the  transfer of interbank money cannot be done automatically  .   This means that  the use of three numbers must be carried out if the  location account differs from the account related to k amu  .

We will not know the bank code when using ATM  , so we will also check  .   There is no need to worry ,  as all bank  codes are also included .   So when you don’t  know  this  , you  can see it directly   through the ATM machine .   But you can search it on the  search   page if you want to  be fast .

How to move from BRI to Mandarin , don’t forget to use code

The methods that can be used to transfer from Mandari Bank to success   are as  follows :

  1. Enter card

We will give the first example , the transfer of cash from victory to mandari via ATMS . The first step , of  course  , is as usual  ,  the first  is to enter  the ATM  card  .   Make sure the location  is correct  , which is at the  bottom of the  brilliance  logo  .  Choose the next language you like .

  1. Fill the PIN and select the transaction type

The other step is to fill out your card PIN   .    Don’t forget to cover it when filling  , you can use  another hand to close it .   If successful , select the “other transactions” menus  .   Then  select “transfer ” the type  of transaction  in the new menu  show  .

  1. Select a bank and fill  out the home mandarin account  number

Now is the time to set up a home bank .   Press the button to identify the authority  of ” other banks  ” .   Now you can write  the Mandari  Bank code first at the beginning of the home account  .   Write  the number  008 and then add it  to the Mandari account number that you want to  go to .

  1. Nominal content

Then , fill in  how many nouns  you want to send ,  if the   name  is right , then choose the ” right ”  menu .   Later , if there is  no regenerative number , you can   go through  this  phase . When  ATM shows the details of the payment verification and this is correct , you only  need to click  the ” Yes ” option .

  1. Complete transaction , secure transfer evidence

You should  wait some time for the transfer process to  take place successfully .    When the transfer  receipt comes out , we  recommend  maintaining  it  .   Do not forget  the choice of ”  no ” either .   Finally , click the ” Cancel ” button on the machine  to   get the ATM card out  and take it home .

Easy ways to transfer from BCATMS to mandri accounts

There are also ways to transfer from   ATM BRAI that  can be done to transfer from ATMBCA , the method is as follows :

  1. His card کړئ pin inside.

First of all , enter your  card  into the machine .   The position should not be wrong.   To be accurate , this is  the first time you face the left side of  the amo .   From now on , fill the PIN as usual  .    Don’t forget this cover  so that your  PIN  security  is also secure .

  1. Select a transaction

Now you can choose the type  of transaction you  want .  Choose  the option of ” other transactions ” . Because  it will  be sent to another account , then type ” transfer ” first .   From now on , choose only the option  for  another bank account  .   Wait  until it  appears  together to fill out the account and code   .

  1. Enter home account

As you  act in success  , you  must  also enter the Mandari Bank code .   To be accurate, add “008”  at the beginning.  From now on , just fill out the bank account  so that you will go send some  money .   This example is 008xxxxxx (home account).

  1. Write down the amount you want to send

Later , just write down  how much money you want to send .   Please remember that  you will be charged  an additional  fee due to the  interbank transfer  .  From now on you  can see the details of the  transaction  .   Precisely the account number ,  the name of the buyer , and the number you want to send  .   Click ” Yes ” or ” Correct ”  option to end this .

  1. Secure transaction receipts

The delivery process  is complete .   Then, just click Cancel on the machine.   Don’t forget  to save the card that came out  and returned .   Also  keep  the receipt  as  proof of a valid transfer  . So if  something is wrong , you have proof of delivery .

Transfer from BNI ATM , enter bank mandarin code before location account

There are  also routes to transfer   from BNI ATMs  by entering the code in the Mandarin Bank  , as follows  :

  1. Enter the card and select the language

The first process  is like   the others  , is to enter the first card .  Choose  the language  you  want to use , you can use Indonesia .    Don’t forget to fill the pin  that you use .   It should always be remembered to hide it  with your hands  .   So card  security is always  maintained .

  1. Choose the transactional type

On the other hand , you can choose   the type of transaction  , ”  transfer ” .   The next  selected menu is from the savings account .   In the transfer location   menus , click ” Rick  .  Other banks .   From  now on , you can first find a list of bank  codes if you don’t really  know .

  1. Fill out the code and home account

After that ,  ki-amo will be instructed to write down the home account  . Because you already know the Mandari Bank code  ,  this means filling it out only before the account number starts  .   For example , fill in “008” and then  fill out  the location number of the DNA account  .   One example is 008xxxxxx (  INA  location account).

  1. Fill the amount of money

Now just write down the amount of money  to be sent .   Of course , because it  varies from THE DNA to Manderi ,  you will face additional costs  .   After that , the details of the transaction will appear in the form of the owner ‘s name of the home account and the nominal money will be sent .   Click  Yes  to  complete the   delivery  transaction .

  1. Take a card and keep proof

Finally ,  don’t forget   to take your card  .  It is enough to  hit  the grave  andthe el ” canceled ” on the machine .   Then the card and  proof receipt will    be automatically released .   Take these two things.   Receipts  can be secured to prove credible transactions , if problems are found in the future  .

As  mentioned earlier , this mandarin bank code will also work when you deal through M-Banking or SMS Banking .     For example , when making  transfers through BMW banking  , we will explain the stages in  one view  .   First , enter by filling karunki id and MPIN  .

Successfully log in to the MBank account , select the ” Transfer ” menu  .   Continued by  clicking ” Interbink ” at  the discretion  .  Now  fill out the code ,  which  “008”  has been added to the home account .   Finally , write down the famous one to  be sent .   Continued until the deal was completed .   Amu   will  then also receive proof of transmission  that can be saved .

This   is certainly true when using  other M-banking  .  For example , MBanking Barry , BCA  , CMB Niaga , and so on . Where the addition of bank code  should be done if it is done from a separate bank  .  It  also  applies to the use of mandarin bank  code , which should be added when conducting transactions  .

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