Popular and Delicious West Java Sambal a Variety

The diet of various West Javanese sambal is a notable factor even in many other regions . There are many specialists who use the common macara sauce from every  region because it can add a delicious flavor to any food. Sambal is also a characteristic of indonesia.

Spices-dominated plants,  the Indonesian country has many ideas  to specialize in using them for  specialty  food  imports from every region . This literature of the press   is an addition that does not matter to most people.   Connoisseurs of samples are very numerous  and very prevalent.

Therefore, some people say that if you eat  a sauce without a saucepan, it tastes a little sweet.  There is one place on java island, namely West  Java with its own soup  with a very large number of environments.   The recipe for  the various  Saucyada  of  West Javanese serin is sought after because it is  very specific and leaves its own vision for    connoisseurs.

West  Java has common foods that are known for being  tasty and reserved.   It is attributed to    the West  Java area  which is often at a low level so that when eating only with white rice,  salted fish and pepper soup have made the people there feel better with  a delicious meal.

Fresh Sambal Dadak Sababtoo ah Xabadaha Limo

The first recipe  for special zakat  in  the West Javanese variety is Sambal Dadak.   A literary novel   of its kind is  a popular genre  due to its name meaning a new one  to do.   It is also not specific to the literature of this literary novel  that not only includes the name but also  the taste and how it is made. This soup literature is also often added to food stores for people to enjoy.

The practicality of Sambal Dadak makes sellers not have to bother, meaning that this  literary novel will be made immediately upon someone’s orders.   To taste fresh (and delicious) sauce.  In addition, this literary literature is also done  by intersecting the lina’s tombstones and mixing them together to maintain its weight.

You can enjoy this soup  sauce for  any meal, but most of them enjoy a side dish  of pickled  chicken or freshly cooked salty fish.   You can make it because it’s much  easier  with the food at the bottom.

The required items are 3 shallots, 5  red peppers and cayenne peppers grab the size or  those who like the spice can increase in amount, the grilled paste  is enough for 1 tea on its own ,   1  spoon of  salt, a brown sock  with 30 grams, a tomato of 1 slice slice,    And also grain or juice.

The way to make it is to extract from all the products offered such as shallots , red pepper, cayenne pepper, shrimp paste, brown sugar, and salt.   Then once it adds well enough add red tomatoes and Ulek up to level.   The last ingredient in the recipe for  various  West Javanese chili markets,  namely Sambal Dadak, is to add orange limo solvets or only pressed water.

When eating this sambal food, you  immediately  get an addiction and you will want it added  to the diet on a regular basis. The taste buds of the flavor,  the little sweetness,  and also the freshness of the  lime  orange will leave  a mark on its core.    especially if   enjoyed in  cold conditions in the weather  , it will be even more pleasant.

Udgoonka Pungent ee Sambar Cikur

These  upcoming sambal recipes  are also not a little  delicious  and delicious because the ingredients used  also quite vary, namely. One of the spice plants in Indonesia is really very, very much used in most dishes but it turns out to have its  own flavor in  the broth.

In fact, many people say that the West Java region often uses one of these spices.   This recipe for  various  West Javanese thumb literary  soups  imported from Sunda has a very delicate aroma and typically makes people sick and want to eat faster.

Kencur has a distinctive aroma aroma and is the main ingredient in  the classic Sundanese chili sauce . many are this way for this unique literary  novel  and  will leave a good impression.     What is made with the ingredients used to  make the chili soup recipes are also relatively simple, which are  cayenne  peppers while you’re seasoning and the level of spice.

2 onion packs  and 1  garlic gum,  main batch of 1 internode, 1/2 carry of burnt shrimp paste, tomato grain   1/2,  salt and sweetener accordingly taste.   Although the use of the important ingredient is low, but when eaten it has a  clearly stronger taste  than when eaten.

How to make  recipes for various West Javanese chili saucada  is as follows.

  1. Wash all the substances   one by one.
  2. Puree all ingredients by scraping but for tomatoes and shrimp paste let them last to keep them retaliated to keep them   sweet make the aroma.
  3. After the desired level of smoothness then tuuji the lime on top to add freshness.

Green Sambal Tempts Cibiuk Sambal

A sample is  characterized by a spy taste  , which when you eat is very volatile.   So the recipe in the variety of West Javanese sauces the upcoming funnel peppers also tastes special.   But at this time  the  color of the thumb literature  is  different from the two types of samples described above because this literary literature is  a  green color called sambal cibiuk (sambal cibiuk) is  a  green  color  called Sambal cibiuk.

Like the aforementioned unsucked  dadak vegetable  vats, cibiuk  chili sauce  is also cited as   a  raw literary novel.    In this way, literary soup   is easily found in Garut.   Although it is green and   unlike   any other handshake in the literature of the thumb, the products used are not very different.

The equipment used is just ulek and  can be  enjoyed with  a large diet of supporting ingredients from  pickled chicken,  pickled fish, to crackers.   In fact,  many people who eat just white rice  and basas soup are very delicious. Below is the  recipe for a variety of green  West Javanese soup shippers.

The ingredients used  this time   are to prepare quite a lot of quite of  green chillies or  green pepper  cayenne  pepper or you can mix the two the two.   Midabka cagaaran  ee suugaanta suugaanta suugaanta ah  wuxuu  ka yimaadaa qaybtan ugu weyn.    Waxyaabaha kale    ee ay ka kooban yihiin 2  yaanyo cagaaran,  2  baalal,   1 xabbo caddaan ah bawang, 1 sacab mug leh oo  caleemaha kemangi, 1 cm   ,  1  tsp jinka Jinka , cusbo iyo sokor 1/2 teaspoon  kasta.

The steps being made are the same as most raw sauces , which  mix and mix up  Halus all of the above ingredients. Fraudulent deception also adapts to everyone’s needs and tastes.   But let basil leaves and lenyo be  placed in the last place because it doesn’t need to be  too cold.

When you’re eating at a mast,  there  may not be  a crown that’s much that offers the variety of  popular vegetarian  literary soups  mentioned above . So,   because of the  ease of ingredients used until they’re made,  you can try to make your own recipe for various saucada West Javanese pepper soups that are seasoned, delicious and fresh.

Because  , due to the large number of markets, so far Sambal has started to enter other countries. This  is  because the sweet taste of a literary novel is really secondary to nothing.   In fact ,  many are mad about a sample with the existence of chili literature to make the food taste even more favorable.   You can  make  recipes for  other  west Javanese chili  chili chili alternatives.

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