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TiI History of the Rebellion in West Java and its causes


One kind of rebellion  in TII West Java that gives many people memories of his time is INTII West Java.  Because this  event was enough to cause a lot of damage  . In fact, this incident also happened over a very long period of time and many people still remember it today.


Even after the Republic of Indonesia became independent, people fought even harder. The national heroes face a number of events that are more already present than during the Indonesian struggle. Even at that time, there was resistance from the Indonesian people themselves.  The  incident took place because the ideology was not in line with the government.


Many groups are dissatisfied with what the Indonesian government is implementing. So  there were a lot of rebels in the people themselves, for example,  the DITII movement. Where the center itself  is in the regional part of Indonesia, like West Java.


There are still  many places in Indonesia, such as Kalimantan, Aceh, or Sulawesi.  But in the end, the government successfully foiled  the attempts made.  The attempt to stop was successful as there was  a very strong resistance  from various parties.  Pergerakan it is still widely known to the public.


TII Background in West Java


The Darul Islam activity of the Indonesian Islamic Army itself  became a movement  in the political arena as it began  to develop in the Tasikmalaya region. This resistance was actually  exposed by the  Islamic state of I Endonasia, to be precise, on August 7,  1949  .   This happened a few years after the proclamation.


The agitation led by Maridjan Kartosovirjo led by Sekarmadji   in  TII West Java  was aimed  at  transforming Indonesia  into  an  Islamic state  .  This incident occurred because Carthosovirjo was disappointed by the contents of the Treaty of Renville.


It is believed that the contents of the treaty itself abuse the dignity of the hero of freedom. The content of this treaty itself was an Indonesian state, which forced the Dutch to abandon the West Java territory.  In fact, as long as this resistance existed, Cartosovirjo was already a politician, so it’s not surprising that he had a lot of political experiences.


Even at the Sarekhat Islam Party in Indonesia, Beliou is very crazy about Islam. He also had the idea of a hijra politics to be used under his leadership.  The  background in TII West Java unites every branch  in Indonesia, where a gark  can fight  against a government that doesn’t fit in.


It moves not only because of an analogy of a religious ideology. Its leader from West Java inspired the leaders and members of the movement.   The  reason for this resistance is that Cartosovirjo was dissatisfied with the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, which was still shadowed by the Dutch who wanted to continue control of Indonesia.


Purpose of creating a movement in TII


 The P. Emparandakan development in West Java  was led by Shekharmadji community leader  Maridjan  Kartosovirjo himself, as it  was to achieve the goal in accordance with his wishes.  As an act, of course, TII itself is  trying to  create a country based on sharia in Islam. In addition, the country was liberated by Dutch colonization  .


For more details, the purpose of this resistance  itself is to create an Indonesian Islamic state recognized  by  the state. In fact, they want to be recognized by international law. Moreover, this resistance was formed because they wanted   to transform Indonesia  into a country with an Islamic base.


The leader of this action is to make Islamic law, so that it becomes the law of the Indonesian state, and, of course, is guided by two things, the Hadith and the Qur’an. Moreover, they formed the Islamic State because they wanted to change the rules of the government in a manner similar to Islam  .


The  purpose  of the  formation of the rebellion  in West Java by TII was to repudiate the ideology and laws of the Hadiths and the Qur’an  . In addition to the existence of these two things, they argue that if they follow the other, they will be treated as infidels  .  But this is very unfortunate because the main purpose of this movement was to fight the Dutch.


But it has changed radically. As everyone knows, Indonesia itself has the highest diversity of beliefs.  There are 6 of the biggest  religions in it, which have also been recognized by the state. So it  is not wise to  make Islam more unique than other religions.


Founder of the rebellion in TII West Java


The very emergence of the DI action itself initially suspected that two people had an important role in the formation of the activity  .    The  first person is Jusuf Tausiri’s Kyai.   He is said to have been the founder in the early stages of creating a peaceful Islamic movement.


But he eventually withdrew support for Cartos o’Virjo for fighting against the Indonesian regime. However,  many know that  di’s main character is Carthosovirjo.   The figure of a person born and raised  in the Java region spent his time for a career in West Java.


In fact, he himself is not a native of West Java, but is actually a Central Javanese born in Sepu.  The location of the area is between Bojonegoro and Blora. Born on February 7, 1905, this man was educated in elementary school with the Dutch and the first Menega.


In fact, according to his story, he did not have much insight into the religion of Islam and the Arabic language. There was even a course to enter the Dutch East Indies Tabibab School located in Surabaya. It was in that area that he met H. Omar Sayeed,    after which he became the Chairman of PSII.


The DITII West Java movement itself was initially  the poor response given by  Cartos O’Virjoand his team to the rejection of the Renville Treaty.  The agreement was signed under agreements from Indonesia and the Netherlands.   This is what creates Darul Islam and the members of the army are TII itself.


Repression against the insurgency in West Java TII                   


As few people know, this incident in TII West Java is the biggest event in the country  and almost everyone remembers it. Even in some places it supports the movement.  With the aim of being able to form a nation in accordance with the Islamic religion  .


At that time the government of the Republic of Indonesia also declared independence and fought against the Dutch again. The government again faced resistance from its own people. Of course, this prompts the government to strive for a number of things that can wipe out the movement. The goalis to be able to maintain the neg a ra combination.


In West Java, this repressive effort began in a peaceful manner.  There the Mohnatsir Committee was formed. But the method implemented did not work. After that, it was followed again using a different method used in military operations.  Finally,  in 1962, Kartosovirjo was arrested in the Salak Mountain region.


This activity has also worried the community as the movement of TII members is limited.  Of course, the  activity  in TII West Java is  not a few accidents, it becomes an important event that you should be aware of after independence.

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