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Know how to transfer quota 3 without easy payment

Most Indonesians are certainly familiar with provider 3 (three), it turns out that there is a  way to transfer quota 3, also for those of you who need an emergency.   The need for an internet quota is really very important to find information, or just to distinguish ourselves and talk on social media.

Naturally, now internet use is     so important to  everyone.   Many providers are therefore competing to offer a different internet package of promotions to the public.

Quota 3 transfer procedures and its requirements

You should know that every provider always provides quota transfer services.  However, not all providers offer an easy and instant way.   Don’t worry, in this article we will discuss several ways to easily transfer the quota.

One of  the  providers to be discussed in this article is 3 (Three).        Here are some conditions to consider before H Endak  make it as if they are transferring quota 3.

It would be nice for   you if, before you transfer the quota, be it between  providers or others, it  is  still mandatory to meet existing requirements.  Where these requirements include:

  1. The  sender number  must be in  the active period.
  2. Meanwhile, the recipient’s number is allowed under a grace period. However, make sure your number does not pass the grace period because it can be neglected.
  3. In addition, the minimum balance of  the credit transfer sender must be 5 thousand IDRI.   Therefore, you must ensure that the nominal money in the card reaches ATA RP 5 thousand to make a transfer.

As for a number of conditions above, it is really necessary to pay attention to, although it does not seem so complicated and complicated.   For those of you who use three cards, you can transfer this 3 quota to either fellow users or even other operators.

Busaxtransfer quota 3 to other operators?

As a laic, do you  know  how to transfer quota 3 to  fellow users or other operators?   Can I transfer quota 3 to another operator?   In fact  , there are many ways to transfer the  internet quota  to  other operators.

Please note to you p Rovider 3 users that there is an  internet  data package delivery service that can be easily accessed.  Although not  as easy as other providers, this provider always tries to  develop its level of service.

In addition, there are several differences  between  provider 3 and others where it carries services in the form of quota compensation that is cheaper than other providers.   It is not only the price of data  packages  that tend to be cheaper,  the  price of  SMS and phones among other operators is also very cheap.

In fact, not only  do you get that advantage, but also unlimited access to social media  .

Although 3 (Tri) does not have as good a service as other providers and    provides quota  delivery services  among other operators, you can still enjoy  other services.   So you don’t have to worry if you want to transfer  data packages to each other or other operators.

How to transfer quota 3 among ourselves

Although this method is not as easy and simpel in sending   data packets as  other cards, it  can still  succeed.

  1. Transfer quota between 3 Via Dial Up

Here are a few steps in sending internet data packages to colleagues 3 cards, including:

  1. Announce *323# then click OK or report to the spin menu.
  2. Next , you can enter the nominal credit you want to transfer as well as the destination number you want to send.
  3. Please wait a while for the notification or notification to continue with the confirmation.
  4. If the delivery of the loan is declared successful, the recipient can immediately register a data package.


  1. Transfer quotas through bimatri applications

The method of transferring quota 3 is not only through titting or USSD, but also by using the BimaTri app. Where the BimaTri app is a special service for Three users to help their customers make transactions.

Indeed, there are many types of transactions that can be done easily, including sending internet data to fellow Tri users.  You can use BimaTri in the i loan application among yourself or other operators.

Where the first way is to install the BimaTri app on your smartphone for the first time. Next, you need to create an account using number 3 to register further  .

Or, you can also follow some of the steps below to send your Tri quota with the BimaTri app, namely:

  1. Enter the application first using the Three Numbers you have prepared to send the quota.
  2. If you have  logged in successfully, please request the 3Product menu.
  3. Furthermore, the way to transfer quota 3 with the BimaTri application is to determine the choice of a package to be transferred to the 3Product menu.
  4. Then, select the menu to buy products for other users.
  5. Teacher, please enter the number you want to transfer the quota to, and then press the purchase button.

How to transfer quota 3 to other operators

In addition to sending internet  data packages to each other, can three  send it to  other operators?   The answer is that now, there is no  data  transfer  service to  other operators from provider 3.  However, you do not need to worry, usually 3 will continue to update the service.

For now  , 3 is still  evolving and favouring its services  in  terms of ease in surfing the  internet with cheap and affordable quota costs.   Usually in  the transfer service,  the  three themselves  still  apply the system to each other, not to other operators.

So you failed to send data  packets internet 3 to nomor Indosat, Telkomsel, XL, Axis, and so on.   It is hoped that Three can immediately  add this service  feature  in order to make it easier  for nodes  to  send  data  packages to all operators in Indonesia.

As is known, the use of pulsa for phone and text is really much needed.   Although not so often,    there are  still  many people who fix text and credit phone features.

Some of the ways to transfer  the quota 3 described above are expected to be a reference, as well as a  clue to those of you who are  still  confused.

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