The latest service in Mitsubishi : DIMENSIKU

Mitsubishi Service Center’s  solution to the problem

Are you  looking for  a way to  connect to the service at the  Mitsubishi Service Center?  Mitsubishi itself is one  of  the huge lying companies  in different countries. One  of  the countries that uses this product a lot is in our homeland.

Through this product  , there are  many people  who are helped  to carry out a variety of daily activities  that  are very different from low, medium price, and for products at excellent prices.   They are all ready to fulfill the demands of the entire community  .

Benefits of the  Mitsubishi Service Center

As   one  of  the leading users of this product, you need to understand the center’s various services. This can help you   if you need a variety of help one day when you have  problems  with the product.   Have  you ever contacted  the  Mitsubishi Service Center?

In fact, this huge company  has long offered services at  Mitsubishi service centers.   This company has even tried its best   through this service to satisfy all its users.   A wide range of services are provided from pickup services to online services.

Some of the services  provided are related  to a car pickup service for the house. So, not all Krama Uda sales customers need to deliver their cars to the service center.   This is  heartily done by all parties to the Service Center.

So, you can also get home care services.   The  vehicle  is monitored when it travels 10,000 kilometres if there are actually no complaints about  the car.   At the same time, to perform car body service and  car paint, you can first contact the  Mitsubishi   Service Center.

In addition to  these  attractive offers, this huge car company in Indonesia also provides sales programs without having to enter the showroom.   Only by contacting   the  service center can you buy without having to  leave the house during this disease.

It is also possible for all  people to make  various  suggestions on the basis  that many of the most attractive people  can be made.    You can  get free promo  types  for multiple accessories.   This can be  obtained  by meeting the selected requests.   Event insurance is also provided so that all customers feel safe and secure.

Mitsubishi Service Center service during punditry

Some  people    have problems with   car    services   during the disease  . Do you feel these obstacles  ?    This is not something  that  is confusing about if you are a user and customer of Krama Uda Mitsubishi

In this  pandemetic era, you can perform home car service. This is applied to users of these types of cars.   In this case ,  the Mitsubishi Service Center  provides  services within 24 hours .   At that time, you can make a consultation that is related to the problem.

You can contact the hotline on 0804 1 300 300 to request a variety of complaints relating to cars in your home.   Next, the Service Center will respond best and answer all the problems you ask.   By calling  this  number, you can also request services at home.

Mitsubishi’s   home  service certainly makes all its users  feel comfortable and  less concerned.   What good do you get?

  1. They don’t have to leave the house.

Leaving the house  during a plague  makes some people feel scared  and anxious.   Using home service alone, you can perform car service without having  to leave the home.

  1. Services such as in a workshop

Although the service is only performed at home,   the service provided   is certainly  acceptable.   You can find the car you served  without  anything.   Services are offered  to the utmost with  Mitsubishi’s expert mechanics


  1. Save Time

Because you don’t have to leave the house, you feel  you can save time and costs.   While waiting for car  service  , you can do a variety of activities at home with your family.

How to give a car to the Mitsubishi Service Center

Many people still don’t understand why they need to contact the service center in Mitsubishi. In fact, this will provide you with a great benefit.   A variety of services can be obtained without going directly to see Mitsubishi. If there is an easy way to do it, why should it be complicated?

For those who  don’t want to line  up  at  the repair shop to perform car service, then contacting the  Mitsubishi  Service Center is the most practical solution to do.  So, how do we do this?

The way to performthe service can be sorted without  being  complicated using the app.   Now , Mitsubishi  has even launched a program that  can  be downloaded for free through Google’s remaining rank at the Rank store   Through the program, there is  very  important  information  that you receive services  .

You can save an account for the first time.    You will then be asked  to complete  personal data  in  the program.   After completing personal data, you can then   use a variety of attractive services there.   Some of  the  most interesting features that can be obtained from the app  are:

  1. Record the test drive
  2. special  promo in Mitsubishi
  3. The nearest بدۆزەرەوە trader
  4. Check  the price and  purchase  of reserve stakes
  5. Bookfor Service
  6. call a 24 – hour standby workshop  in Mitsubishi

The latest service in Mitsubishi

In providing full approval to all its customers , the  Mitsubishi Service Center has launched several interesting proposals .   This offer is certainly true for all customers of this type of car. Do you want to know what are the newest and most attractive offers  in  the big motor company?

  1. Grehnetti ئێکسسواراتەکان and Bathers

Guarantees for access to reserves  are  provided for all customers in the permitted workshop.   In this case, accessories and sections with  guarantees are  certainly only certain.   You can check it first.

  1. Treasury 24 Cups

This news is happy for all  Mitsubishi users.  This provides comfort when experiencing problems on the road within 24 hours.   Services provided include  providing up to 5 litres of gasoline when the car breaks down on the road.

If the location  is  too far away and makes the car enter the  repair shop,  the  repair shop owner can use a replacement car or hotel with a price of up to 1.5 million rupia.

  1. So some places مارکێت

There are  several types of post-market products offered  by Krama Uda  .   Some of them include tyres for Papyro Sport , Alexander  , Alternative Light  and  Battery for Alexander .

However, there are  also cleaning products and security in the machine room and quick tire repair kits.  All of these products will certainly make all Mitsubishi users feel  more happy.

The SEMoservice offered above will  surely be obtained  by all car users from  the giant company    Use the service as much as possible to make it easier for you.   Don’t forget to contact the  Mitsubishi  Service Center to solve all problems.

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