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PDACO when faced with this issue

PDAM is an essential service for citizens, and for this reason there are often problems with available water resources. PDAD is regarded as a regional drinking water company by the same state-owned companies that regulate the distribution of water to the people, which has long been used by many citizens.

The problems faced by residents themselves can be a variety of issues. In fact, this issue requires you, as a consumer, to complain in a way that you do not feel wrong. However, many consumers do not know what conditions the service centre should be contacted. In fact, there are many conditions under which consumers need to contact him.

Among many conditions, there are urgent circumstances. In this situation, pdama is forced  to contact  the call centre and can no longer tolerate the laxity and laxity of contact if the problem arises. Most clearly, here are reviews of some of the issues that force consumers to contact the call centre.


The first issue that forces customers to call the call centre is the general lack of water. In general, this situation leads to more or less flow. There are many problems that could cause disturbances in this water. The first problem usually occurs in the customer’s service pipeline.

The customer’s service pipe is the first source of water flowing to the consumer. If there is a problem with the pipe, it will affect all consumers.  Direct check-in can be done by contacting  the PDADA call centre, so the customer’s official pipeline is definitely next to the head office.

In addition to having a relationship with the first part, pipes in other positions may also face problems. Usually the first issue is obstruction or obstruction. While there is a barrier on the floor, water usually flows without water. In addition to blocking, leaks are also likely. Identifying these leaks takes a long time.

A team of experts will be deployed immediately so that the issue can be resolved by contacting the PDA Call Centre. In addition to these problems, the flow of stagnant water may be caused by technical problems, which may be the repair of part of the pipe. The renovation work will be completed by contacting CS.

The main problem is the ultimate possibility relating to disruption of production. In general, disruption sours in production are caused by insufficient supply of raw materials. This shortage of supplies is mainly due to access to drinking water. However, natural disasters such as floods can cause similar incidents.

In fact, due to power outages at the Centre, the supply of raw materials will also be slowed down. Contact the PDA regarding the  matter  – you’ll know the problem of not feeling the uncertainty anymore, which is definitely a smart decision.


When the flow is unusually high, the water condition is seen as a cloud or a sewage pipe and you should call the call centre. This is obviously dangerous. The reason for this is that clean water is at high risk of contracting various diseases. Although still safe, this sewage water can make users feel uncomfortable even when they use it.

By contacting the PDAM call centre, you can tell you the causes of muddy conditions and when the problem will be resolved. Usually, this sewage water flow has stopped flowing and is most likely caused by pipe leakage.

Pipe leaks are more likely to accumulate water. Deposits are certainly not pure conditions. However, the issue will not last long. If the leak is indeed due to seed, CS will recommend the first discharge of water.

The water that comes out after a while will be cleaned. In fact, the problem of sewage discharge will be even more difficult if supply arrangements are to be encountered. Under normal circumstances, there will be standard pressure on the flow without filling the entire pipe.

Because it is often in an incomplete condition, the debris at the top of the pipe is more likely to cause debris. It would be a problem if the pressure increased when the natural flu was too high. Increased pressure fills the upper body with water. This pollutes water from such sewage pipes.

When contacted by the PDA call centre  and the problem is caused by this, the advice given is certainly to wait until the pipe is cleaned, but CS will inform that the waiting time will be slightly longer until the water is cleaned, and the flow will also be shorter until normal.

The estimate of the charge does not match

The bills received are beyond expectations and if they are too big, they should also be contacted at the call centre. In fact, when the bill is inadequate, you will receive a refund because there is a problem with the system. However, this situation is rare. In general, this issue arises only as a report, so that such problems do not arise.

When contacted by the PDA  for not following the bill, the PDA will first describe the habit of not closing the water tape altogether, and if it does, drops can go out all night, which is obviously a condition that the bill can be increased if it does so every day.

Therefore, make sure that the faucet is completely closed after use. If you feel faucet is completely closed, the problem is often caused by leaks in consumer pipes. When the consumer pipe leaks, the water will continue to flow.

This deepens the bill. If that possibility exists, cs will communicate it directly on the matter expertly. Once you’re notified, experts will come to your house and see what parts leaked.

However, since the leak began reporting, previous bills still have to be paid. This is because the matter is not reported regularly. Originally, you will be advised to contact the call centre and check meters regularly. The price of the bill will always be metered.

You must already know how much you often use during the day. If you feel unusual when checking your number, you’d better call PDAM directly. At the same time, bad possibilities such as expensive spikes can be avoided.

 How to connect to the call center

You must know the first number when you want to call the call center. So the PDADA call centre  number is not as centralized as any other company, pdamus has different call centers for each region, usually in each city.

If you are confused about finding call centers, you can look directly at the company’s social media. They make social media on their own in every city. At the same time, he can also be contacted via a short message on social media. PDA is generally most active in using Twitter.

Speeding up the use of call centers. It would be a very bad experience if you felt the problem and couldn’t do anything. After all, it’s not hard to get in touch with the call centre. In fact, your neighbor should also have his contact spell. At the same time,  you can still contact  the PDAM call centre directly  .

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