Avoid form of fraud to Gojek call  centre r R customers

A driver’s  application is the right choice for you,  because gojet now  ready to answer all questions  within 24 hours  It  is  easier to use services to supplement everyday activities   , such as ordering food.  Costs are paid.

GoJet  CS Service allows you to settle your complaints as a  driver  or a loyal customer.24-hour  telephone assistance Now the problem can be easily and quickly resolved:  Team C user  to provide the best service as  needed  , including receiving advice  or  information   Sadvice is  always trying.

GoJet is  a digital company that  prioritizes technological complexity  to  help people move; its office is based in Jakarta and  founded in 2010;  until now  it  is still one of the best and most popular platforms.

Gojek called Gojek to help gopay digital payment features, transportation, Go Send and  many other favorite products In  the past, this shoulder was  a transportation service with motor vehicles responsible for delivering passengers to various locations or cities .

Just look at a goaljet application

GoJet is a useful application for helping people find  the nearest driver.I  used to take   a motorcycle taxi When we discovered it, we had to walk to meet him  , but this pipe was enough to order him directly from his smartphone and allow us to find a pick-up point.

You don’t need to negotiate with drivers because the price through the application is   listed based on location. In  addition to assigning passengers to passengers, we  can take advantage of Goka facilities for passengers who want to use   car  transportation services, delivering goods.

Gojas, a center called Gojack   ,    uses how to inform  ,  answer or provide solutions as long as users  submit complaints  and questions.  You  can answer every wish when you are there.       Of course, to use it, you have to contact the contact number listed in the application.

The first feature of the   Gojack  application was Nadiyam Makarin and his partner.  The  number of  workers working  with the  group  was in 2009.  3,000 people and the data is obtained  on  one of Wikipedia’s largest sites.The   company is the most widely used by the public  In 1514, Nicodemus became a  member of the Go

You   can select the account list  after it is unlocked via mobile phone to   use the GoJet Call Center help service  . and at this early stage we need to  create an ID by signing up  first, which is  then the  best statistic, including customer service,     you can explore features.

Procedure for Use of Gojack Services Center

The   Gourget account registration level  is by selecting the registry. If  your  phone  is  based on Ios, the app is downloaded for   Android users through  help  for  Google  users  or  help for players or  Make sure it is installed,  then select the “my account” in the bottom right  corner.

The user needs to access the account or profile section, and then  Ari will say “help” and  present it  with a variety of question options.  You  need to update the application to change a newer version because  this space can be different locations on the phone.

There is a draft topic   to find out what complaints  you’re facing: There is often   a list  of questions that  customers   are looking  for;  for example, profile information, fingerprint features  ,  everything is already at the Gojek Call Center.

In addition to the list of most searched questions, account security  , various accounts, problems on the application,  how to make payments, and costs  You can also ask how to send and expenses   even to  the attractive promo buildings.  If all complaints have not yet been resolved, please  Contact the Gojek Indonesia Center Service.

Service   is free and all users  can  take advantage of this  call.Customer service administrators customers  customers in different regions Calls are ready for 24 hours.  If you can contact CS directly because it is easier  to get help  ,       Call centers will be more efficient.

In  addition  to using the  feature of  the GoJet call center,  customers  can use their official social media accounts  from  profiles such as FB, Twitter and IG.Golide  , Golife and Gopay e-wallet without fear of being blocked  It can be very useful.

GoJet protects consumers from fraud

The  advantage  you  can  get when taking advantage  of GoJet’s call  centre facilities is that you  no  longer need to  visit the nearest headquarters or branch.Complaint The process can be performed directly by calling the number +6221-5084-90,000  , as well as fraudulent actions on behalf of the company.  Be careful.

In addition to the numbers we sent, this type of   fraudulent    activity means drivers or applications  . Dubious laws  such as 62, 61, 21, etc. are  also more targeted at affairs users and fewer  of them have  become  victims  .    Recognize it.

GoJet  Call Centre customers by holding    a  lottery  with   millions of awards or   hundreds of rupiah  awards  or  holding  a  lottery with hundreds of  rupiah awards       To avoid     fraud  , the way  to find it is to  report directly to an agent .

GoJet Frank is a new feature  that allows customers  to continue to have full  security and  priority.Company You It ensures that even an account is protected during the application process, and  most frauds target  smartphone users  .

To recall that no one, including customers, is ever given  an OTP  code or  one-off password, whether when ordered while accessing the GoJet application Both must keep the    secret of  each other’s accounts/e-l-wallets for security reasons  .

Gojek call centre helps consumers detect fraud

Many cases can attract consumer attention that can be used using the company’s name,  especially  from an    unknown   number Asking for an  email address, password, or telephone call, GoJet as a  customer partner  cheats   He never committed  adultery.

You can   check     using BIntang, hastag and specific number  to  ensure safety. The call delivery code   redirects when there is an upcoming call  and we  may      not even know if there is an upcoming call   Make  sure that the security of your account is always maintained  or if necessary, if  necessary, the GoJet Call Center is required.

You  can make  another fraudulent technique by forcing you to provide an OTP code as well as requesting you to send money from GoPay.  We are being persuaded to transfer the money to an unknown bank address,  and GoJet always highlights the importance of security maintenance, particularly account holders.

It should be kept confidential , especially to ensure records containing personal    contacts  .  To this day, all forms of crime are still frequent and representative of some parties  , which is very damaging to many parties.

In fact,  you can prevent all forms of theft or fraud as long as you want to read the information already available on the   application,  as well as to avoid  counterfeiting form.  The Gojack  Call Center  is  a full service ready to provide information,   You are ready  to  answer   questions about your    complaints.

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