List of the highest mountains in West Java

Who doesn’t know the beauty  of the mountains in West Java, and whose beauty can really surprise people? It is one of the provinces in Russia, where territories in this region are higher compared with a number of other states on Java.

Unsurprisingly, many people have chosen West Java as a vacation spot until this moment, since the plateau in this province has emerged to be a meter above sea level about 1,000-2,000 meters above sea level.

Natural beauty is one of the highlights, and it is  not surprising that many attendees in West Java drive in West Java as one of their destinations.

There are many mountains in West Java, but some may  wonder about the highest plains, perhaps because there are so many categories that you don’t understand it correctly, and here you don’t have to worry about some of the names from the tallest mountains in West Java.

Ciremai mountain range in West Java is highest

The first highest mountain is Ciremai, so Ciremai is in Kuningan, Crebon and Majalengka. It can reach 078 metres and is one of the active volcanoes; the peak is on the lips of a relatively delicate and wide volcano.

Climbers can use four legitimate hiking routes: each of them has their own difficulties and conveniences; there are many beauties offered by Sierra Leone; from the natural landscape to the still beautiful state.

For climbers, theeasiest route to use, it must be  understood, and the land  that was used correctly is  not known, so it does not reach Rice later  Therefore, the most famous road on the island of Sierra Leone is the Barpa Terri Mountain Road, one of the most distinctive climbs in Java.

 Ceramine, as the tallest mountain in West Java  , certainly occupies number one, and as one of the highest mountains, we know that when Ciremai is above, you can see Adelwick flowers, which, of course, makes Ciremai even more beautiful.

In addition to Edelweis, the foothills have a wide variety of historical sites for Indonesia, even during bell-colonization. It turns out that the bubble is at the feet of Ciremai, which adds to the appeal of visitors who are curious about the Sirami beauty in West Java.

Pangringo’s second highest mountain in West Java

Another plateau that can be found in western Java is Pangringo, so Pungringo is about 3,019 meters above sea level and can be found through the routes of Bogo, Sukabumi, and Sienja.

Pangringo is known to be involved in the Gadi Pangrengo National Park area and is actually guarded.Travellers’ target In this valley, you will see the beautiful spot of the beautiful Edelvis.

Pangrengo, a tourist area officially declared in 1980, is often visited by tourists, especially climbers. It turns out that the last person was not Indonesian but the founder of the German, C.G. Rainwater, or the Bogaroo Botanical Garden in 1819.

In 1977, Pangrengo was successfully designated a biological conservation group from UNESCO, which was made more widely known by tourists, many of whom were the beautiful mandarin valley of the Mandarin Valley They want to see Edelweis spread on this plateau, including being part of the  tallest mountain in West Java and occupying the number two spot, Tania Tapanjo is a visitor. He was able to steal attention.

Many outside Java think that Pangringo and Gedi are part of it, and pangringo is higher compared to Mount Gide, but it is often considered a name because the place is too close.

Gung Gede Surya Kencana Square

Thus, this plateau is still located in the Gedi-Panango National Park area, about 2,958 meters above sea level and located across Pangringo.

There is plenty of  interest on the Gadhi plateau, where there are many volcanoes that are still active, and the volcanoes have Wadon Crater,Lanang Crater, There is always an interesting place to steal visitors’ attention when it comes to Mount Gedi, named Sura Kinkana Square.

Don’t think that Surya Kencana Square is like some major cities or districts: the Edelweis tree, which has a lot in this square You may be even more surprised by the perspective of the climbers, but the climbers are also protected, so it is suggested that Edelwick is.

In addition to the many Adelwick beds  in the mountains of West Java, it is also commonly used as a camp for climbers, so you can enjoy the expansion of Edelweis and enjoy living in a beautiful place.

Because it is a region of gongidi Pangarango National Park, there are plenty of vegetables in places that actually protect them. The beauty of the mountain in  West Java  is  still well protected.

West Java SOTCH outlook Sunrise

Additionally, Mount Sikura, which is 2,821 meters above sea level, is located in the districts of Sicajan, Byongbang, and Daeuh Manggung. There are places. When the shape of this Sekuray is completely objectionable and on top of the shaking, you can tell that the area is scattered and not too big, butI’m not worried because there’s a waking post.

Many climbers also arrive  in Sikura to  rise, and many climbers stay here compared to the pencil at the top of Papanda The scene of leaving is actually said to be more beautiful, but the beauty is not true, because the top of the sequura is quite dirty.

Sekuray is the fourth list of the highest mountains in West Java but unfortunately, the summit is where they are less responsible Climbers are really contaminated by damage, and there are many pens that can be found at the top of the Sikura Plateau.

If you want to climb, you can navigate the relatively safe and officer-friendly Silidoug route, which is very easy to travel from Bundong using transportation, and you can continue with city transportation to reach your climbing door.

Yet as a climber, it is strongly advised not to commit damage or rubbish, and it is better to preserve the beauty of Sikura by enjoying the natural landscape alone.

As a state in the Highlands, it is not surprising that West Java has many mountains, some of whom have a beautiful charm to approach tourists.

Even some of them have tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of West Java, and Kemu can also visit a mountain range in West Java and try  to enjoy its beauty.

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