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Know the code of the Western Java province and what are the conditions

Western Java is the only province that was first formed since the Dutch colonial era,and the code of the western java province  was 32. Nevertheless, according to Law No. 11 of 1950, this province was established from 4 July 1950, when it was recognized by the Indonesian Government. As for the very center of government in Bandung.

The area of this province is about 35, 377.76 square kilometers, even almost reaching 2% of Indonesia’s land area. In addition, this province is also known as the second largest territory dedicated specifically to the island of Java, where Eastern Java is considered the first widest. The population reaches more than 50 million inhabitants.

 Western  Java becomes the most populated area 

You must know that the Western Java province has become one of the most populated areas of Indonesia with a different western Java provincial code. Where the population reached 50 million people more than the total population of the country. Laju’s population growth in western Java is indeed increasing in the 2019 period to this day.

It depends on the large number of local residents who urbanize this area. The reasons for the increasing movement of the population to western Java itself vary, from labor interests to environmental conditions. Meanwhile, in the least populous area, namely the city of Banjar, about 185 thousand people live.

Almost 80% of the population of Western Java chooses to live in urban areas due to industrial factors. Other regions, such as Bogor, Depot, Bekasi, etc., make up at least 39 percent of the total population of Western Java.

It should be noted that almost the majority of the population of Western Java is located in Sundanese. Where this tribe is known as the indigenous Java people in this western part. Although the Javanese tribe is more found in the northern region of western Java, then the genus Betawi lives mainly in the Jakarta area and its surroundings.

In addition, there are also the Batak tribes and the Minang tribes, which are also found in the Western Java district, especially in urban areas such as Bogor, Depok and Bandung. Although the inhabitants of China are also often found almost throughout the western United States, they are most often spreading.

Code of the Administrative District of the Government of Indonesia

Before discussing further related to the western Java province code, for example, the area code is the code of the rural area of Sekeloa.

As for the code, he showed information from the local government area code in which it is located, ranging from districts, cities to provinces, including:

  1. Coblong District (area code, i.e. 32.73.02)
  2. City of Bandung (area code, i.e. 32.73)
  3. Western Java province code (region code, i.e. 32)

Meanwhile, other examples, such as the area code 36.71.07, are the codes of the Karawaci district with the local government responsible for it, namely:

  1. City of Tangerang (area code, i.e. 36.71)
  2. Province of Banten (regional code, i.e. 36)

In addition, there is also a locality code 33.74, which is the city of Semarang with local authorities, namely:

  1. Central Java province (region code, i.e. 33)

You must be aware that the Indonesian Government, through the Ministry of the Interior (Ministry of the Interior), updates the regional code every two to five years. Where is the trick of issuing permendagri (regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs) with a new regional code and data.

In addition, when there is regional development or even many villages move to the villages. To date, the permendagri western Java provincial code the last region to be released is Permendagri RI No. 137, 2017, where this is set in Jakarta as of December 27, 2017.

With the acceptance of Permendagri, the previous Permendagri will be canceled and declared invalid. This is stated, as in Article 13 of Permendagrio No. 137 of 2017. According to the latest information from Permendagri, Indonesia currently has:

  1. 34 provinces
  2. 514 cities/counties (98 cities + 416 counties)
  3. 7,201 districts/districts
  4. 83 436 villages/kelurahan (8 479 villages + 74 957 villages)
  5. 91,185 regional codes.

Provincial Codes for Western Java

Surely you are familiar if you hear the name “West Java”, right? Yes, one of the provinces of Indonesia, which is visited by many locals due to the beauty and coolness of the living environment there.

As we know, the province with its capital, Bandung, is indeed famous as a cold and cool territory. In addition, Bandung itself is often called the city of flowers.

Why is that? This is because in ancient times Bandung was considered very beautiful, many trees and flowers bloom. Moreover, earlier Bandung, due to his beauty, was also given the name Paris van Java. You should know if the code for the Western Java province is 32.

As for the area code, it is intended to find out the features of the province. With this region code, you can more easily perform telecommunications based on the observations of the Indonesian Transport Agency.

By itself, this area code is a series of numbers and periods that displays the code and data of the area of administration of the Indonesian government for each region, be it from rural / kelurahan, district, city / district and even provincial levels, as well as the provincial code of Western Java.

The function of this Code is to speed up and facilitate the process of management of the administrative areas of the GOI. In addition, you should know that this code can also show the level of the area of the local government in which it is located, for example, the western java province code , which is 32.

Provisions of the Provincial Code necessary to know

The provisions of the provincial and urban/ regency regional codes are discussed below, including:

  1. Provincial territory code

The following are the provisions to be taken into account when determining the code of the provincial territory.

  1. The double-digit number pertama is the code of the provincial region.
  2. The provincial code is usually determined by the position of the geographical area of the island of Indonesia, where it usually starts from west to east.
  3. The first digits for the provinces located in:
    1. Island of Sumatra: denoted by the number 1 or 2
    2. Java island: denoted by the number 3 or 4
    3. The island of Bali and Nusa Tenggara: denoted by the number 5
    4. Kalimatan Island: denoted by the number 6
    5. Sulawesi Island: denoted by the number 7
    6. Maluku Island: denoted by the number 8
    7. The island of New Guinea: denoted by the number 9

The second digit of the provincial code is usually determined by the order in which the province is formed. As we know, the code of the Western Java province is 32.

  1. Codes for urban and county territories

In addition, below are some provisions regarding the area code of the city / district.

  1. The city / kabupatan code usually consists of 4 digits, where the number consists of the provincial area code, which is 2 digits, the sign used as a separator, namely the point, and the city / regency code is 2 digits.
  2. The two digits after the first point is the code, not the city or county.
  3. Meanwhile, the first digit of the number of the city code is from 7 to 9, and the first digit of the number of the district code is from 0 to 6.
  4. The district code usually starts from numbers from 01.02.03 to 69 according to the order of formation of the county.
  5. City codes usually start with numbers from 71, 72, 73 to 99, based on the order in which the city itself was formed.

For example, the wilayah code,  for example, 33.22, is the semarang Regency area code, exactly in the area of the central java province (33). Meanwhile, the area code 33.74 refers to the locality code of the city of Semarang, located in the central province of Java (33). In the very code  of the province of Western Java, it is indicated by the number 32.

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