KTA recommendations  without credit card easy terms

Recommending a KTA without a credit card easy terms is being everyone’s primaries, especially for those in need of additional capital. Because, during this time, the application for funds to the bank, requires a guarantee. This is indeed a little complicated, another condition to make it easier is credit not guaranteed by the credit card owner.

Only, almost everyone is difficult to get it because, to apply for it it is difficult, in fact, rejection occurs immediately when the file has already entered. Application requirements are actually only easy, salary slips, NPWP, monthly payroll, and passbook. However, the minimum nominal salary must be reached. With Credit Card the loan limit is very large.

In fact, some have already broken the mark of hundreds of millions. The development of the technological world makes these loans grow as well. The presence of Financial Technology makes everything easier. By applying for a  KTA recommendation  program  without a credit card, everything is easy. The process also doesn’t last long.

Although, you have to be careful. Because, not all fintechs behave well. There are also those that come in like the news they are circulating. If, you want to apply for it first look at their various requirements. To be safe, just try to look at the entire list through the OJK, a supervisory body that always provides information about finances.

In 2021, the development of Fintech will be even greater. Because, the community’s facility and socio-economic conditions due to the pandemic. In order not to be fooled and safe in transactions, here are some reliable fintech recommendations that can be used as an option for various urgent needs.

KTA Recommendations  Without Easy Credit Card Terms permata bank

The first bank can be used as a first option in applying for a loan. In fact, the established figures are quite varied ranging from IDR 2 million to IDR 10 million. With a repayment period of 12 months. The disbursement process is also faster, approximately 24 hours after the requirements are approved, the funds go directly to the account.

Each loan will be subject to an interest rate of 2.99%. The installation figure remains unchanged. The minimum payments they make are 6 months. Before submission, a table is usually provided. So, you just need to learn it. In fact, several opportunities for Permata Bank will also provide attractive promos.


  1. kamagradct.com
  2. perkumpulanpikul.org
  3. maistvi.com
  4. technoteharu.com
  5. wordpresscollege.org
  6. bisnisjiriko.info
  7. thoptvapp.com
  8. jarurigyan.com
  9. groovylegacy.com
  10. decentralizedsummit.com
  11. kamxl.com
  12. livekorea.net
  13. 99gos.com
  14. studykarona.com
  15. asiansoundsyndicate.com
  16. lunacastel.com
  17. creativereview.info
  18. downtownmiaminews.com
  19. fosterpark.net
  20. enhavagansa.com
  21. paydayloanusaone.com
  22. iaa75.org
  23. koreababynews.com
  24. zenmedianet.com
  25. putusan.net 

The recommendations of the KTA  without a credit card easy terms will provide a repayment period of up to three years. If there is a delay in payment, a fine of 5% of the account will be imposed with a minimum value of IDR 150 thousand. To apply for it you must meet a cup of requirements.

At least you will receive a monthly salary of IDR 3 million. Aged between 21 and 50, as a permanent employee of a company for at least two years. Apply for various documents such as, Photocopy of KTP, KK, Marriage Certificate, Salary Slip for the past 3 months.

In addition, the current account, the decree appointing permanent employees, or the last original diploma, as well as the NPWP. In fact, you don’t have to have a savings account from Permata. It is only that, there will be a transfer fee of IDR 150 thousand. Therefore, it would be better if when all applications for opening the account are submitted.

Tunaiku, Program dari Bank Amar

The recommendation for a KTA without a credit card is Easy Terms is Tunaic which has been guaranteed by OJK since 2014. So, you don’t have to hesitate to apply for it if you need additional capital. The service has been supported 24 hours, To get funds. You need to download the application on the Google Play Store.

Next, prepare your ID card and fill out a number of notification forms to Tunaiku. This form also determines whether your application is accepted or vice versa. After the contract is completed, the money can be disbursed immediately. Interestingly, when you pay payments faster, no interest is charged.

Recommending a KTA without a credit card is an easy requirement that has a budget ranging from IDR 2 million to IDR 20 million. Almost everyone uses it and takes positive testimonies. When you want to borrow, or a website or application. The calculation point already appears. So, just choose.

You will borrow and how much the payments will be. Immediately a number will appear, that’s the monthly payment. However, when submitting, pay attention to the identity of the KTP. Try not to damage and read from the system. In this way the loan will be automatically refused immediately.

In addition to providing additional funds. Tunaic, it also opens up opportunities for you to make investments. There is already a simulation available. So, you understand how much development is with a selection of tenors ranging from 1 to 3 months Guaranteed to be safe and you can find out the movement and growth.

CIMB Niaga Extra Fund Program

The next easy recommendation of KTA  without a credit card is from CIMB Niaga which has an extra fund program. The best solution for those of you who want additional money. Access is quite easy and simple. No need to come to the office simply through the Call Center service or website.

Interestingly, funds can be applied for 24 hours to 7 days. I have been provided with a form to complete, as a first step whether this application is approved or rejected. Each loan will be subject to an interest rate of 1.79%. The figure is indeed very large, it can apply up to IDR 300 million.

Not only CIMB Niaga users, KTA recommendations  without a credit card can also be submitted by other banking customers. It’s just that the requirements are indeed a little complicated. When applying try an age you are 21 to 55 years old. As well as Indonesian citizens with proof of id card.

Do not forget to also prepare a salary slip and a photocopy of the NPWP if the application is more than IDR 50 million. For other customers there is an additional credit card. However, for workers and customers, it is not necessary. If you experience payment delays, you will be subject to a fine of Rp150 thousand.

Online Loand ari Friends Money

The latest easy requirement for a KTA without a credit card is Friend’s Money. There are already calculators and calculations available in the application for a certain amount of money. The value reaches RP3 million with a tenor of about 70 days. This fintech is indeed trusted because, almost 80% of them borrow again.

How to apply is quite easy, just try downloading it to the application through mobile money friends. In addition, selfies using id cards all process about 5 minutes. After the contract agreement, the money is disbursed directly within 24 hours. Friends’ money has already earned all kinds of rewards.

Obtained permission and supervision from the OJK. So, it is guaranteed to be safe and not misleading. For terms it is quite easy and light. The age of borrowers ranges from 21 years to 60 years. Loans based on the area of the region, for Jabodetabek can be maximized. It’s just that, for Solo and her surroundings, there’s a ceiling.

The minimum income applies, which is IDR 2 million. Prepare various personal documents, namely id card, salary slip, family card, personal photo. The short-term payment period is 10 days to 30 days or long with an interest calculation. It is very transparent in nature, there is no element of deception.

Raising capital is indeed important for a number of circles. Whether for educational, business or other purposes. However, you must first understand the various requirements. If it is indeed disturbing, it is better not to.  The recommendations of the KTA without a credit card are easy terms are indeed required by various groups, especially during the pandemic.